Lidija Bajuk  

"A poet. A musician. A woman. An objective voice ringing into the world without differentiating between love and myth, soul and understanding. Every word has its own meaning. Every word has its own reason for being sung."



...There are fixed boundaries between urban and rural today,' says Lidija Bajuk ' as if 'urban' is an equivalent for good. The life in the city became an illusion, a dream. People in a village are frustrated, young people want to go to the city. This fascination lasts for two or three years untill all the advertising and seduction vanishes and then one is left alone. One has lost a touch with nature, with the land, and this feeling of loneliness is strengthen ...human being is not God. One is depended on nature and She will return back what is done to Her.' The future...Lidija Bajuk sees it in the return to the land in the reintegrated way. The return to the soil which 'slowers us down' and brings us back to where we belong...  

 (Mirjana Dugandzija, "Nacional", 5. I. 2000.)