“Picnic Country – Europa Contest”, held in Mr¹gowo, Poland, is an annual international festival with a long tradition, which at the very end of the 90s grew to become a sort of Eurovision Contest for European country music. In 2004 it was held for the 23rd time, and as always in its competitive part, with participation of country bands from all over Europe. Each act is given 30 minutes on stage - 5 minutes to plug in and 25 to play. Last two songs played enter the competition. According to contest rules, one of them must be an American standard in an original arrangement and the other an original, self-penned title. “Crooks & Straights” chose “Singing the Blues” (Melvin Endsley) and “When I Called You Mine” as their contest entries. In spite of the fact that the draw decided they were to be the first ones out on stage, the jury voted overwhelmingly in their favour. They picked 6 out of the total of 10 jury votes, leaving only 4 votes for the rest of the pack to share between them. As “Lonstar”, one of the most respected Polish country musicians and member of the jury, later said, “it was a clean sweep, much like 'The Lord of the Rings' at the Oscar night”. As winners, “Crooks & Straights” were given an opportunity to appear onstage once again, this time next day, on Saturday, July 24, thereby officially closing the festival.