Welcome INSIDE the homepage of croatian jazz musician Jadran Ducic Cico!

Throughout these few pages we'll try to cut through his uptoday work, discography, numerous projects he's been involved with, as well as present you with his own view of music, art and world in general...

Also, yo will be able to find here all news related to Cico's never-stopping musical activity, interesting audio material to download, and many other things.

::: NEWS :::


As a member of Matija Dedic trio Cico performed at "Porin 2002" - Croatian discography award in Dubrovnik, at the Eveninig of dalmatian song in Lisinski (Zagreb), as well as on the very succesful solo concert of Gabi Novak held in Split City Theatre (HNK - Split).

Along with his home band Black Coffee he plays at the ALPE ADRIA JAZZ FESTIVAL in Maribor.
At the same time, a promo-CD called "ONLY DRUMS & PERCUSSION" is released by his Percussion Syndicate project, and he is guest-starring on Gabi Novak's album due to release in June.

PERCUSSION SYNDICATE is the latest in the long row of Cico's projects, being one of the most intriguing and one of the dearest to himself, at the same time. What are his views on this project - you may find out on this page: PERCUSSION SYNDICATE

We give you Cico INSIDE, enjoy... :-)